What are a rationalist's best tools for better decision making?

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This is a question post.

I'm curious what others here use for improving their decision making skills. For something so important (making good decisions), society doesn't seem very interested in collectively improving our decision making. This is likely due to the fact, right or wrong, that we collectively suffer from "resulting" (or judging our decisions based on their outcomes alone). It just amazes me that you can go through 15+ years of education and not have a single course on how to make better decisions. Perhaps it suffers from the same fate other practical courses (like personal finance) do or that the idea is you learn the details of a subject and leave the decisions up to the individual? But nonetheless seems important enough to bring some attention to it.

I personally try to improve my decision making by trying to add skin in the game by placing bets and investments where possible and use a decision journal, which has arguably been the best tool for me personally. What do you use or recommend?



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comment by Vladimir_Nesov · 2021-02-26T06:43:30.619Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

What are a rationalist's best tools for better decision making?

What are a farrier's best recipes for better pizza? Probably the same as an ophthalmologist's. What about worse pizza, or worse recipes?

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