Twin Cities ACX Meetup - February 2024

post by Timothy M. (timothy-bond) · 2024-02-08T23:26:51.837Z · ? · GW · 1 comments


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Meet at Sisters' Sludge Coffee Cafe and Wine Bar. I will be wearing a "Wall Drug" souvenir shirt with a Jackalope being abducted by a UFO.

Make sure to RSVP so I can give a headcount to the Sisters. Also, they don't charge me for a large reservation but they do ask that everybody who attends purchase something - if you prefer I will buy you something, no questions asked.

There is a mailing list for future events - fill out this form to be added. Alternately, I will post a reply to this event announcing the next one, so if you RSVP (I believe including "Can't Go") you will be notified.


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comment by Gordon P (gwparikh) · 2024-02-08T23:30:33.612Z · ? · GW

I'll be out of town for this one, hope you all have fun!