How to optimize my time fighting COVID-19?

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This is a question post.

Hi all, I could use some advice. I care a lot about having a positive impact on the world through my work, and over the past few years, I've tried hard to put myself in a position to be of service in a moment when our institutions are struggling to make effective decisions that carry huge consequences in the face of great uncertainty. And yet now that such a moment has arrived, I find myself feeling incredibly frustrated at how little I am capable of helping, because this crisis seems almost surgically designed to immobilize parents of small children (of which I have two). We are all healthy and safe for the time being, but with no third-party caretakers to lean on I am lucky if I can manage even three hours of concentrated work time a day, and that is with my wife still on maternity leave from her job. In addition, while I have access to several meaningful assets (see below), I don't have a lot of relevant domain expertise or connections to public health decision-makers. So I am struggling both with very limited time and bandwidth to work on this and a lack of clarity around how best to prioritize the time I do have.

Here are some assets I am theoretically able to bring to the table:

I would welcome any thoughts or suggestions relating to the following:

Note that when it comes to the first two items above, I'm mostly (but not exclusively) interested in hearing perspectives from fellow parents. If you offer an opinion on these items, please say whether you are speaking from experience. Thanks!



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This question title was too long to show on frontpage, so I shortened it from "How should I prioritize my limited time in the fight against COVID-19?" to "How to prioritise my time fighting COVID-19?".