Cambist Booking: Discussing What We Value

post by Screwtape · 2022-08-15T18:24:33.446Z · ? · GW · 1 comments

Hello! This event is for general socialization, and to get the conversations started we'll be running a relaxed game called Cambist Booking. If you’re familiar with the Slate Star Codex post Everything Is Commensurable, or the short story The Cambist and Lord Iron, then this game should sound somewhat familiar to you.

It works like this: each person will get a some cards with things you might want on them. You’ll go around asking other people what their cards are, and deciding how to compare the two values- is a new sports car worth more or less than a year’s vacation? Is an hour long massage worth more or less than a new album by your favourite band? We’ll pass out the cards at the start, keeping some in reserve for new arrivals, and spend the time talking about what we value and why.

I'll be there at 2pm with the cards, and be there until at least 5pm.


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comment by Screwtape · 2022-08-17T17:17:30.117Z · ? · GW

What's something you want?

This meetup is in a few days and while I'll be bringing a deck of things one might value, it's easy for me to add more. So, if you comment below with something you want, and it's not something already in the deck, I'll add it and shuffle it in.

The more varied perspectives on what we want, the more interesting the tradeoffs are!