The Most /Important/ Century? UPDATE: location change

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The new, updated location for this event is 123 Murray St, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Are we living in the most important century? Holden Karnofsky sure thinks so. This week's reading will be his couple-page summary of a whole series of blog posts he uses to argue for this proposition, here:

or if you're feeling ambitious you can listen to the the full series (audio player in the first section of the above link)

or the happy medium of a podcast discussion about the series here:

Related things I'd like to discuss this week include:
- offering up a summary of Wyatt's 'A Path Forward This Century' considered as a response to this Importance Proposition
- "Dark EA" implications of Importance
- the assumptions of the 'grabby aliens' hypothesis

Evan is hosting this week! We'll be sure to put up some kind of sign on the front gate for folks who haven't been there before, it's tough to identify on google maps.

Contact Tess for links or more info!

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