Epistea Summer Experiment

post by Jan_Kulveit · 2019-05-13T21:29:43.681Z · ? · GW · 2 comments

ESE is a week-long experimental summer workshop combining elements of applied rationality and experiential education happening in Europe.

We will play, explore, introspect, practice - all in order to boost our learning. The program is focused on group rationality, or in other words: how we can have accurate beliefs and act in accordance with them not only as individuals but together with other people.

For more detailed info, check the website.


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comment by technicalities · 2019-05-15T07:28:03.256Z · ? · GW

Will this clash with the Human-Aligned AI event?

Replies from: Jan_Kulveit
comment by Jan_Kulveit · 2019-05-15T19:31:15.351Z · ? · GW

No. It's planned so you can attend both events.