Near San Francisco - Hike to watch the Blue Angels

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Meet at 1:00pm at the Alta trail. Use the address: 498 Donahue St, Sausalito, CA. We'll depart at 1:15 sharp.

One of the best places to watch the Blue Angels air show is from Slacker Hill in the Marin Headlands. The last time that I watched the show from there the planes flew within maybe 600 feet of me.

That's a good excuse to get some exercise. Expect to hike 8 miles, with 1330 feet of elevation gain. That may be hard for couch potatoes, but should be appropriate for anyone who is in decent shape. I recommend bringing one liter of water.

Expect to get back to the cars around 5:30pm.

I can offer a ride to a few people from Berkeley (leaving from near the intersection of Grant and Ward).

If you want to join us but can't do the full 8 miles, let me know how much you can do, and I'll suggest an alternate trailhead or two (with the caveat that parking might fill up at any easy alternate).

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