South Bay LW Pilot Meetup (Sunnyvale)

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Update: No change of location, meetup will be held as announced. Potential Change of Location Notice:  If the weather is bad, this will instead be held at nearby Ilmarin House. If so I'll update here and email people whose RSVP included an email address on Saturday morning at the latest so it might help to check before you head out.

This is the first South Bay LessWrong meetup in a while! It's a relaxed, unstructured event for meeting friends old and new, talking about things that interest you, letting us know what you'd like future events to be like and having some pastries while you're at it. 

Location (verbose): 
On the roundish grassy area in the northeast corner of Washington Park, 840 W Washington Ave. We'll have a dark blue picnic blanket and a LW Meetup sign. – /// (Yes, same place as the September ACX meetup.) 

Things to maybe bring:
It will likely be somewhat chilly so it probably makes sense to wear a sweater or jacket. As mentioned, there is a picnic blanket to sit down on but if you want to make sure you don't have to stand you might want to bring your own or a camping chair.  Some pastries will be available but you're welcome to bring food as well if you're so inclined. 

If you’re reading this, you’re invited! Bring friends if you think they’d enjoy the event. Kids are welcome! Please RSVP [? · GW] if you haven’t already (but if you don’t manage to do that in time we’re happy to have you anyway). 
If you want to register ideas and preferences about time/location/structure/etc. of future South Bay gatherings or have other questions/concerns, please let me know at or leave a comment.

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