AlphaGo variant reaches superhuman play in multiple games

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This is a link post for

I'm posting this slightly late; the paper is from December 5.

I'd be interested to learn if AlphaZero could be applied to other closed-environment tasks, such as designing hardware in a simulator.


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We previously had a link to the actual scientfic article. The Guardian article contains no useful additional information and leaves out the fact that Stockfish 8 was severly handicapped by giving it only 1 GB Ram and no access to opening and lategame libraries. The published Elo number for the AlphaGoZero chess program was 3000 while the published Elo numbers for Stockfish 8 is 3600.

It's interesting that AlphaGoZero did as well as it did but it's misleading to say it's better than Stockfish 8.

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Sorry, i couldn't find the previous link here when i searched for it.