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  Discussion article for the meetup : SF Meetup: Cooking
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  Discussion article for the meetup : SF Meetup: Cooking
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Discussion article for the meetup : SF Meetup: Cooking

WHEN: 06 March 2017 06:15:15PM (-0800)

WHERE: 1045 Mission St., SF

We'll be meeting to cook and eat food together!

Here's how this works: I send out a planning doc on the mailing list (bayarealesswrong on Google Groups) to recruit 3-5 people to bring a recipe and be "leaders" for their particular dish. Everyone else who shows up will help the leaders as needed with the cooking. I'll ask the leaders to populate a grocery list beforehand so that I can do the grocery shopping, and everyone who shows up and helps eat will split the bill.

If you have dietary restrictions and want to come, feel free to mention that in the mailing list thread to encourage others to choose a dish that will work for you - or lead a dish yourself.

Instead of the usual "wait for stragglers" thing, we'll start the meetup as soon as people show up, since cooking can be time consuming.

For help getting into the building, please call (or text, with a likely-somewhat-slower response rate): 301-458-0764.

About these meetups:

The mission of the SF LessWrong meetup is to provide a fun, low-key social space with some structured interaction, where new and non-new community members can mingle and have interesting conversations. Everyone is welcome.

We explicitly encourage people to split off from the main conversation or diverge from the topic if that would be more fun for them (moving side conversations into a separate part of the space if appropriate). Meetup topics are here as a tool to facilitate fun interaction, and we certainly don’t want them to inhibit it.

Discussion article for the meetup : SF Meetup: Cooking

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