Games in Kocherga club: Fallacymania, Tower of Chaos, Scientific Discovery

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Welcome to Moscow LW community makeshift games! In that games, some rationality skills are involved, so you can practise while you playing!
* Fallacymania: it is a game where you guess logical fallacies in arguments, or practise using logical fallacies yourself (depending on team in which you will be).
* Tower of Chaos: funny game with guessing the rules of human placement on a Twister mat.
* Scientific Discovery: modified version of Zendo with simultaneous turns for all players.
Details about the games:
Come to antikafe "Kocherga", ul.B.Dorogomilovskaya, 5-2. The map is here:
Games begin at 19:40, the length is 3 hours.


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comment by rayalez · 2019-02-17T09:53:29.839Z · score: 3 (2 votes) · ? · GW

Do you guys ever have meetups in English? Do you know if anyone in Moscow does?

comment by berekuk · 2019-03-01T21:25:12.530Z · score: 3 (2 votes) · ? · GW

Yes! We have an English club each Saturday at 5 PM.