Calibration Trivia at Aeronaut

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We’re planning to host a trivia game with a twist! If you’ve never been to a trivia night before, one the person running it will call out questions, we'll write our answers, and a good time is had by all. In addition to answering the question however, you'll be able to write down how confident you are in your guess and at the end we check if you're well calibrated – that is, do you know when you do and do not know the answer? Categories are Literature, Science, History, Sports, and Slate Star Codex/Astral Codex Ten.

Expect the trivia to last about an hour and start at 6:15. Thirty questions, two minutes to think per question, if you show up late feel free to join in at whatever question we're on. Once trivia wraps up, we'll open things up for general discussion, socialization, board games, or whatever people have in mind.

Despite being one of the categories of our trivia game, feel free to come even if you don't think of yourself as a serious ACX type. Feel free to come even if you're not the typical ACX reader. Feel free to come even if you haven't been to one of our meetups before. We're a pretty open and welcoming bunch!

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