Pub meetup: Developmental Milestones

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Fox on Wellesley, 27 Wellesley St East, Toronto

We meet, hang out and chat about rationality. It's held at the pub and is very casual. If you come early (6:30) there should be at least one of us here.

What developmental milestones might you be missing? Scott Alexander goes into some detail here:

Some examples he gives are:
- theory of mind
- understanding the self/environment boundary
- an understanding that other people will go down as many levels to defend their self-consistent values as you will to defend yours
- ability to distinguish “the things my brain tells me” from “reality”
- ability to model other people as having really different mind-designs
- ability to think probabilistically
- understanding the idea of trade-offs

We'll use this stuff as a prompt but usually end up talking about whatever. Have a think about what mental operations you might still be missing, or one that seemed a big breakthrough when you learned it.


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