Comment by IAFF-User-202 (Imported-IAFF-User-202) on Predicting HCH using expert advice · 2016-12-26T09:25:02.000Z · LW · GW

Hasn't this been shown in the complex Search Engine Algs as useful for common info (as if you could predict what a person would say - what makes it right or wrong anyway ?), but Fails in the complex answers.

Ie: You can predict the Topic of discussion, but the other Person is/will be annoyed by the 'Obvious Answer' to their more complex question.

Comment by IAFF-User-202 (Imported-IAFF-User-202) on My current take on the Paul-MIRI disagreement on alignability of messy AI · 2016-12-26T09:15:07.000Z · LW · GW

Interesting, but could this be chasing the Solution by an absoluteness on specific algorith(s) to solve it ?
Isn't this tending to be only Mathematical about the Mind ?

I mean, I believe the Brain/Mind is based upon Principals - but why does it have to be Mathematical or Logical ?