Comment by Aegeus on Buy Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace · 2011-02-11T03:17:18.485Z · LW · GW

Real stock markets work the same way. If markets really were able to predict the future with perfect accuracy, no bubbles would ever form, and no one would have ever invested in Enron or Lehman Bros or Bernie Madoff. I don't see how you can demand that a market make predictions based on information that doesn't exist yet.

Comment by Aegeus on Eutopia is Scary · 2011-02-09T03:38:21.428Z · LW · GW

Have you ever driven your readers insane? If yes, I'd like to hear that story. And are we talking "mildly unsettled" or "get a straitjacket"?

Comment by Aegeus on Eutopia is Scary · 2011-02-09T03:34:49.701Z · LW · GW

That actually seems like a good idea. Choice paralysis seems like it would be a serious problem for any "Do anything you can imagine" utopia, because I can't think of what I'd do if I had the power to do anything.

Or, put another way, Minecraft became a lot more fun once it took away the infinite supply of blocks.