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Comment by amir-bolous on Motive Ambiguity · 2021-01-23T14:00:35.628Z · LW · GW

I think the reason situations of problem 2 arise is because of misaligned incentives. When you care more about pleasing some other party, the best action is not necessarily the one that does the most good, but the one that best pleases the other person.

The cost incurred from doing so is then payed by either you (i.e. I pay the price in choosing a restaurant I hate) or society (in the factory example, the water is poisoned because of your choice)

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Super awesome that your parenting style actually gives your children agency! Not that I'm a parent, but not belittling or not respecting that children can make informed, rational decisions is something we as a society do all the time and we need to strive to do better:)

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Hey Tristan, thanks for the feedback! What you're saying is right of course, to clarify, I meant minimize the time spent on chores constrained by each person's time being equally valuable. I'll clarify this in the post but I'm not trying to present comparative advantage from an optimization standpoint as far as trying to draw an allegory between the [comparative vs. absolute] dichotomy and the [learned skill vs. innate advantage]. Hope that makes sense!