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You're actually hitting on an academically acknowledged hard limit to the number of people whose mind states you can keep track of in conversation. Typically, when there are more than 4 people, you'll see smaller groups form of 2, 3, and/or 4. It's very noticeable at big parties. (So no need to be anxious!) 

Dunbar talks about it in one of my favorite papers of all time The Anatomy of Friendship. Happy to send you a copy if you're interested :D

Comment by bgf419 on The Best Textbooks on Every Subject · 2020-12-14T03:08:33.538Z · LW · GW

I know this comment/thread is a decade old, but I come back to the chapter on business models multiple times a year because it's a concise overview and particularly useful in combinatoric idea generation. 

Figured I'd give my thanks knowing there's a chance the author will read this comment... Thanks Josh!!