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This idea seems amazing.

This is how envisioned the beginning should be:

???: “Hey there.”

Eep! Someone is talking to me! Is he another applicant, or a staff member? Based on my own school there were roughly 30 students in a classroom to the one teacher. So 30 to 1. Adding in other staff members such as janitors, secretaries, and the principal I'll say to 1 staff member to 24 students to makes the math nice. That makes my prior a one in twenty five chance for it to be a staff member before I turn around.

I’m guessing that applicant would look a lot younger than staff members! So, to find that out… I should look at him! I'll need to estimate how many students look old enough to be teachers and how many staff members look young enough to be students and I can update accordingly.

Or is this way too complex to start with?

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I downloaded StayFocusd which allows me to have 10 minutes of FaceBook a day and then blocks it and I was playing a computer game too much so I just uninstalled it.

I like this idea of taking action while I'm mindful to prevent myself from doing things that are a waste of time when I'm in normal zombie mode.

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I just got a new job and my boss is really terrible at Being Specific. At first I wasn't worried because I figured I would just force him to Be Specific by asking precise questions. I felt like my questions were awesome but I still wasn't getting the information I needed out of him and I couldn't figure out why.

I was super excited when I figured it out: he was interrupting me in the middle of my questions and giving an answer to a question he was imagining. I tried talking through him and finishing my question when he interrupted me and it worked. He answered my actual question. So I now have a tactic to elicit the information I need from him. I've only tried it the once so far and I'm curious to see if this will work in the future or if he'll catch on and let me finish my questions.

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Hello, I'm Dean! I just attended the minicamp, and this is my first post.

On my flight back I started talking to the guy beside me, which is something I wouldn't usually do. I've wanted to talk to the person beside me on the flight before and it hasn't happened because I got nervous. This time I used a trigger to perform a next action. The trigger was getting to my seat and the action was saying hello to my seat mate BEFORE I sat down. It worked well because for me the hardest part of talking to a stranger is making the first move.

He was a chemical engineer and we shared amazing conversation for the whole flight.