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Upvoted entire ancestor tree, for similar reasons.

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This additional point is controversial even here?

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My prior for the probability of winning the lottery by fraud

What's your secret? ;)

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Some people also think the ability to argue and selectively not comprehend arguments arose due to runaway sexual selection for ability to manipulate and resist manipulation.

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I'm giving this one a rating of 8. Effective, but not quite bullet proof. At least it provides a significant roadblock before one form of procrastination.

Comment by Cameron_Taylor on Metaphilosophical Mysteries · 2010-07-27T07:08:06.509Z · LW · GW

What should I have learned from your link to Updateless Decision Theory that causes me to suspect that EU maximizing with Bayesian updating on a universal prior is wrong?

From what I can glean from the UDT descriptions it seems that UDT defines 'updating' to include things that I would prefer to describe as 'naive updating', 'updating wrong' or 'updating the wrong thing'.