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This post blew my mind. What a great idea! This great idea idea explains so much. Now I can see why I've naively been a communist my entire life. It makes me feel good to be part of a savagely oppressed minority. Now I see that all of my opinions have this dangerous feedback loop of me believing them. I think god is a myth, because it makes me feel good. I think cheesy bread is unhealthy, it make me feel good. Oh no! The great idea is too powerful. It makes me feel so superior to compare other people's political philosophies to cults. The great idea idea must be a 'great idea' itself! I'm in the death spiral helpppppppppppppp................

This post is ridiculous. Any 'general' theory is far more complicated than presented here. Any real 'general' idea is far more complex both logically and emotionally than presented here. While I'm not against simplification or reduction, this is a strawman of a strawman. The real way to avoid being drawn in to ideological complacency is continued re-examination, reflection and growth of your ideas. In short, to keep thinking and expanding them.