Comment by cod3d on Open & Welcome Thread - August 2020 · 2020-08-23T22:45:57.833Z · LW · GW

Greetings all, and thanks for having me! :) I'm an AI enthusiast, based in Hamilton NZ. Where until recently I was enrolled in and studying strategic management and computer science. Specifically, 'AI technical strategy'. After corona virus and everything that's been happening in the world, I've moved away from formal studies and are now focusing on using my skills etc, in a more interactive and 'messy' way. Which means more time online with groups like LessWrong. :) I've been interested in rationality and the art of dialogue since early 2000's. I've been involved in startups and AI projects, from a commercial perspective for a while. Specifically in the agri-tech space. I would like to understand and grow appreciation more, for forums like this, where the technology essentially enables better and more productive human interaction.