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Searching is my go-to - I have found a number of quality posts on the site already but I had not been dialing in on Akrasia specifically as I was falling down the rabbit hole of new-and-interesting-topics, I'll see if a handful of keywords appended help with turning up more!

An index with community suggested/moderated categorization would be an interesting and helpful addition - granted, I've not been here very long to say that there's not something filling that role well enough already.

Thanks for the tips, links, and the warm welcome Ruby!

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Excellent, I will keep an eye out for its publication.

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Hello, lw!

I'm brand new here having found my way from a link on Beeminder's blog after reading posts on akrasia and another post outlining their (now long past) launch announcement which was hugely benefited by this community at the time. A handful of posts read on lw later, I went ahead and signed up, and now I'm here saying hello!

I am picking up the core readings (from the FAQ) and only just a few chapters into Map and Territory. That's where I am focusing my reading efforts before diving too far into posts.

The community's draw on me stems beyond its general orbit around rationality - I'm also interested in the implications and its informative observations of a person's thought process and decision-making that I've been blind to for multiple reasons. I've only recently been diagnosed as having ADHD and am working backwards from this moment and have realized what I've missed in understanding myself and, as importantly, what observations of this reality have more significance than I originally attributed.

After doing some searching around the forum (do we refer to this site as a forum though its much more?) I have found there are other folks who sought out relief from procrastination and distraction, and I'm left without a sequence I think is most relevant.

Can anyone share a sequence or jumping off point that they found helpful to improve their commitments & follow-through in the midst of distraction?