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I always hated the wait in the aisle for that process.

It's true people stop at red lights (usually) but there's a fear of punishment.

Last time I flew, the pilot asked the passengers to put their shades down after we landed to cool the plane down. Well, I noticed 10% who complied.

So I don't know if that anecdote adds anything to the discussion...but people can be selfish.

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thought someone might be interested.

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WWPD? What Would Plato Do?

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I've been reading this blog in RSS for a while onw and I was happy to see it on the front page of Reddit!

In "The Fog of War" about McNamara's life, he discusses proportionality when dealing with your enemy. The fact that America invaded Iraq (that had nothing to do with 9-11), enacted the Patriot Act, and will have troops in Afghanistan for decades to come is not a proportional response to a small group of hijackers flying planes into three national symbols.

Many people wanted blood after 9-11 though. My neighbor was a vet student (so he's presumably smart) and he was ranting on 9-11 about the need to show everyone "who's boss." I guess that hasn't worked out so well in hindsight.

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is that washington avenue in south beach? are there many publix stores outside of florida?