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Thanks Nancy. Some of the symptoms are similar to states caused by epilepsy., but i'm not sure if they are seizures or not. It's not like he stops and his eyes roll back. According to him it only lasts around 5-20 seconds. And seems pretty normal to observers. I guess the best way he could explain it was that someone just controls him completely for a few seconds. And to him it feels like a snap of fingers. He goes to brush his teeth, looking in the mirror he lifts up the tooth brush SNAP he is no longer facing the mirror. He then resumes brushing of teeth facing back at the mirror.

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Well he wasn't "Checking in" with me. I was just talking to him and taking notes.

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I'll ask him how he sleeps when i talk to him next time i'll also mention the possibility of trying a Smartwatch.

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To note i have had people tell me it's a Fugue state. I don't think so mainly because Fugue state usually lasts anywhere from a hour to a day. Maybe this might be a short Fugue state but i doubt it.

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Not enough karma to post anywhere else so i guess i'll post this here. This is from a few days ago.

I'm currently a psychology undergrad and i was talking to a fellow student who had some odd symptoms.

I took out my notepad and jotted a few things down. "I don't necessarily lose consciousness, but when i'm going about my day, i suddenly find myself in a different place to what i had intended on going. Sort of like going into a sleep walking state during the day then snapping out of it a few moments later. For example if i'm walking somewhere like the kitchen, my brain seemingly shuts off and i find myself in the bathroom almost if i had teleported there. I'm not sure if it's some kind of sudden memory loss. It's like a split second loss of consciousness. like someone else is controlling me for a few seconds with me not realizing it. "

This happens to him apparently 2-3 time a day. He tells me he doesn't suffer from bad memory or amnesia. When i told him it's common to suddenly forget what you were doing for example I.E when talking to someone pouring liquid overflowing the glass. He told me he knew what that was and stated that it wasn't similar to what he was experiencing. He said that it feels like suddenly (in a few seconds time) involuntarily finding yourself from the wrong place. I asked him things like can he see during this state and he told me that he doesn't know. He further explained that it feels like he doesn't exist in that point in time that his body has been hijacked and someone else is controlling him while he is in a non-conscious non-existing state.

I asked him later what he looks like to outside observers or that have they remarked on these symptoms and he told me that they sometimes ask him "Why did you just walk to that door and back again?" After class had finished or "Why did you just walk around the table and spin around" during lunch.

I couldn't find that much info on this online so i'm making this post to ask if anyone else has had these kind of experiences or if they have heard of people who had or know more about this. Thanks.

Video demonstration of my findings.