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The demand for products (and indirectly for labor to produce these products) will fall too, won't it?

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This link is broken too. copy:

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GMT+1? Isn't it a GMT (ahem, UTC) +2 in Norway now?

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Duolingo ( makes language learning much more fun by using gamification. Silly, but it works - why would a sound of fanfares and a golden cup picture on a screen would make a learning more enjoyable? But it does.

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Learned helplessness, if that counts as a bias. Anchoring otherwise. Both are hard to overcome even one if aware of them, and decrease quality of judgement badly.

For the whole human race I'd dispense with availability heuristic, which would heal a political system and decision-making in democratic countries a lot (not due to individual politicians having radically better judgement individually, but due to decreased pressure from voters swayed by rare, but spectacular events).

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My name is Mikhail, and I have been lurking on LW for a several months, mostly reading sequences. I have discovered this site after reading HPMoR, as no doubt many had.

I'm a practitioner of GTD, and I am looking for

  • supplementing understood low-level practices of performing things with metaalgorithms for decision making and planning

  • improving tactics / learning tricks for handling low-level tasks which don't come naturally to me (such as learning languages), and hence cannot be efficiently done by regular planning / execution process

A bit of personal info: I am a software engineer (15y experience, more if one counts tinkering with software during school years), I live in Norway and originally from Siberia.

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I have created a filtered feed for posts only: