Personal musings on Individualism and Empathy

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Comment by dragohole on On Hollywood Heroism · 2018-10-14T14:30:20.939Z · score: 1 (1 votes) · LW · GW

Oh, absolutely. Whatever your values are, they're valuable on their own. That's why doing the laundry feels meaningful. Winning means maximizing your values, whatever they are. The reframe of "X is actually good for Y" is helpful for transitioning to the state of valuing everything that IS valuable, coming from the point of being obsessed with one arbitrary thing.

On Hollywood Heroism

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I'm pretty late to the party, huh. Despite that, I'm really glad I can take part in this experience. It's the very thing I longed for: concrete instructions, baby steps, daily progress.

Now, my Sapience Spell:

It was kinda hard to think of a thing-that's-always-on-me. I don't really have prominent moles or rings, a bauble would stay on my desk even if I had it. One idea was to use my phone, but then I thought of situations where I didn't have it on me, and I would have really benefited from increased awareness back then.

I made one up. I took a choker that was collecting dust on one of the shelves and wrapped it around my wrist. A ring would work better, since sleeves could cover up a watch or a wristband, as in my case. I think I'll get one eventually.