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"but often I'm in the position we're I'm like "

I think there's something egotistical about thinking your operating at a different intellectual level. On the other hand, that doesn't make it false.

But I think you're talking about rhetoric. Deep down inside I think we know we're different intellectually (and that doesn't need to mean smarter, it could just be insight via anti-socialness). But arguing that way isn't very productive. One thing I've learned about selling is to get them to like you before they'll buy from you. They don't like you if you make them feel dumb, and in an insecure world it isn't hard to make people feel dumb without trying to.

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" but you would to be able to solve a calculation."

" but it comes out very easily once we start clarifying exactly what is impossible? "

" it to attempt clarify each word or phrase "

I like your post

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This is the first time monetary economics has made a wink of sense to me.