Vitalik: Cryptoeconomics and X-Risk Researchers Should Listen to Each Other More 2021-11-21T18:53:47.638Z


Comment by EmersonSpartz on Almost everyone should be less afraid of lawsuits · 2021-11-27T13:04:50.484Z · LW · GW

People are so irrationally intimidated by lawyers that some legal firms make all their money by sending out thousands of scary form letters demanding payment for bullshit transgressions.  My company was threatened with thousands of frivolous lawsuits but only actually sued once. 

Threats are cheap.

Comment by EmersonSpartz on Listen to top LessWrong posts with The Nonlinear Library · 2021-10-21T07:37:15.290Z · LW · GW

Great idea! We'll add it to the list.