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An unintended consequence is that you are effectively creating an extra income tax. If it becomes a social norm to donate 10% of your income, then the status distribution will incorporate this social norm, so status-aware people will feel compelled to donate just to have the same social status.

But this makes it harder to achieve the same level of spending and status with the same productivity, resulting in a reduced incentive for productivity.

This can lead to compensating behavior, just like a increased income tax. Maybe people disvalue the relative status because it becomes too expensive, or they disvalue the remaining spending power and therefore the productivity. Combined with the norm that omissions are morally neutral and you don't have an obligation to be the most productive you could be, this could have negative consequences.

I, for one, have no intention of doing anything for anyone unless it's worth it for me.

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No version of you is ever revived in a context you would enjoy

This is unlikely in your scenario. If these clones or ems have no rights and are cheap and available, someone will probably create some in positive environments for "warm fuzzies", out of pity, or in a slavery/pet scenario that is actually comfortable or interesting.

There is also the reasonable expectation that some will disagree with the legal status and provide some measure of positive compensation - no need for that to be illegal, and we do it for e.g. dogs today.

And some of the research may provide insight into how pleasure works in the brain, and how to maximize it. Some of these experiments will be quite enjoyable, even if it is only a small percentage.

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Almost-FAI insists "death is bad", human life has positive value. Other aspects of ethics are also gotten right, but personal choice and suffering avoidance is underrepresented.

As a consequence, almost-FAI makes copies of you and keeps them alive in the minimum resource state needed to keep you alive and safe, which spells billions of years of boredom for millions of copies.

Alternatively, CEV-FAI takes the world religions too seriously and implements hell for various sins.

Alternatively, some equivalent made by a ruling class of "moral" humans with longevity technology, possible even without AI.