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You can't think war isn't gendered, or that women as a group have trouble understanding that money can be exchanged for goods and services. You probably don't think I'd be really attached to the ideas in one dashed-off post that's full of holes.

And I hope you don't think that the first thing you should do, when you run across a new concept, is to go find sources to justify any associations it might trigger.

So what are you really objecting to?

ETA: Seriously. I'd like to know.

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Guessy: Etiquette. Fashion. Religion. Favor trading & extent of trust. Social status. The attitudes, abilities and intentions of others. Taboos.

Asky: Monetary economic transactions. Contracts. Science. Engineering. Medicine. War. Philosophy class.

Guessy suggests small groups and the exclusion mechanisms to maintain them in a populous world. Asky just looks modern.

Things women and men tend to do in unmixed groups, respectively.

Other ideas?

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Volunteer to help with the dishes, then ask whether you can take away the plate the chicken is sitting on. If nobody else claims it, it's yours.

Clear another plate before you touch the one with the chicken on it. Clear something else after. Clear your plate when you're done eating.

Don't do more work than your hosts. You're being helpful, not trying to work off the price of dinner.

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I'd be confused. d4 is better and everyone knows it.