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You are always only either the person that gets the credit or the one that makes it possible

...or something to that effect from someone in Rise and Fall of the Third Reich on the scope and possibilities of national politics. Can't find the quote atm.

Comment by foolishcriminalirony on Memetic Tribalism · 2013-02-18T05:30:24.799Z · LW · GW

I am surprised to see a lack of attention to parallels between empathy in a tribal setting and conscientiousness in an individual tribesman in discussions here. It is a scary setting we find ourselves in when we all can be agreeable through sites like Kiva and Kickstarter, neurotic through sites like 4chan and reddit, extroverted through services like Facebook and flickr, open through services like Google; and yet there is not one place that translates in a tribal way to experiencing any form of conscientiousness online today.

I am driven to understand this to mean that there is a very limited scope of conscientiousness in the physical world at large today. Is this lack of accountability and self-discipline not what is being addressed when we thumb up a post like this? I want these parallels to be discussed here, but my wherewithal in forums such as this is limited.

Where can we go to share, develop, and experience a sense of Jiminy Cricket today in either world actual or the nets? If there is not a place left where this sense of organized social self is available in a rich format, I can then only encourage people to continue to try and change others' ways of thinking, if only to be sure conscientiousness' utility survives our tribes' rapid-fire cultural shifts to one day prove more effective and less invasive than the current orthodoxy nyan describes.

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Trust emerges from the proliferation of differences that is love, and trust is equally arational; if we are evoking a society that values trust over love while still embracing individuals who value love over trust, have we not created inconsistency in our rationality, thus creating a bias toward valuing trust over love and substance over style?

Sometimes i feel the styling of love (not the substance of trust) is the only thing that keeps Turing machines at bay.

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Seeing how you would interpret each icon based on context was an experiment in design.

The last icon is for the "circlejerk": your objective sad face.

This is the part of my reply where i see i should offer more time to collecting hyperlinks for examples, but i hope it follows easily enough:

Relevant xkcd to voting systems: happy button only from me.

Someone saying they got their bike stolen while they were voting: sad button only

Peer-reviewed paper about voting in forums: brain button only

Peer-reviewed paper about the shape of Antarctica: sperm button

Peer-reviewed paper about Maru and the evolution of voting on Youtube: happy button and brain button from me.

Pun threads concerning voting: happy button and the sperm button from me.

Any opinion shared with Caps Lock: sad button and sperm button

Peer-reviewed paper about gun violence and voting systems: sad button and brain button from me.

Any other combinations would defeat themselves, so im don't see any reason to click three buttons or all four. Perhaps the objective votes of brain and sperm are unlocked the way voting is unlocked in AskUbuntu's forums: only after certain contributions and/or circumstances are met.

That's what i'll be fighting for at least. I vote subjectively and i vote objectively. If you make me choose, i'm going for the subjective vote every time. Best to break the two apart.

sperm: Brains have two hemispheres; i wonder if there's correlation....

Comment by foolishcriminalirony on 2012: Year in Review · 2013-01-06T03:53:13.350Z · LW · GW

What if our voting system looked something like this, making room for both the enticing subjective vote as well as the democratic objective one? That tweak would fix all my bad voting habits.

Comment by foolishcriminalirony on Just One Sentence · 2013-01-05T22:32:16.160Z · LW · GW

I was searching for "We apologize for the inconvenience." I appreciate the way your subjective "better" covers this concept.

edit: After a little reading, I offer a rejoinder: is it better to rely on the labour of intellectual design - of manufactured reactions - than the labour of machines? Or are these two mechanics too similar to parse?