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"In a long essay called 'What is Life', the great physicist Erwin Schrödinger comes up with the following argument:

Given that i) my body functions as a pure mechanism according to laws of nature,

and that ii) I know by direct experience that I am directing the motions of my body,

it follows that iii) I am the one who directs the atoms of the world in their motions.

Schrödinger remarks, ' is daring to give to this conclusion the simple wording that it requires. In Christian terminology to say, "Hence I am God Almighty" sounds both blasphemous and lunatic.'"

I believe this summary is Rudy Rucker's from his book "Seek!". It does seem to wrap up consciousness/God/Thou Art Physics into a neat little bundle. A bundle of crazy? Perhaps, but a neat and little one.

Comment by Jerry_ on Interlude with the Confessor (4/8) · 2010-01-14T02:35:49.937Z · LW · GW

My first thought was that the word "rape" must have come to mean something different, for example maybe it's been redefined so that women can still rape men, but a man who forces himself upon a woman is assaulting her, not "raping" her. Changes like this happen in language/culture. (As in the Old Testament, wherein the only reason lesbians aren't sentenced to death is that Moses didn't think of sex as something women could do, but only have done TO them.) But this would have been trivially easy to make clear (ten more words of exposition from the Confessor would have done it), and the author didn't bother.

It seems as though the author was trying to show that The Future Is Shocking and Offensive. It most certainly will be. But the culture we see isn't consistent with the Hey Rape Is Legal Now bombshell, and he's made no attempt to reconcile them. So, yes, the conclusion we're left with is that either the author doesn't understand what rape is, or doesn't care.