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@Craig_Morgan2 At every point that "I" am represented in the configuration-state, "I" IS this model of itself and the 'previous' states of the world, thereby fooling "I" into modeling and experiencing 'time'.

everything you are writing implies motion which does not exist in a blockhead universe. sorry, but a static being by any rational definition is a dead being incapable of experiencing anything at all. there is no past nor present nor even anticipation of a future without motion and you cannot have motion in a static universe unless you believe you exist outside it.

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you also need to explain motion which does not exist at all in a timeless 4d object. you need to explain how any static being can experience a present moment and moments leading up to it as past moments. and you need to explain how any perception is possible by a static being.

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one small problem, nothing is moving. how can you have an observer when every bit of that observer is part of the existing static universe... observer implies a moving entity and no motion exists in a static universe.

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TIME is not moving, its the measure of stuff like matter and energy moving. to say we can see the past but not the future because of the way memories are constructed implies motion which your blockhead universe sorely lacks. timeless physics ignores the implicit motion required for anyone to notice anything changing. if all moments were equally real that there is no way to say any moment is the present moment, the past or the future. no one would be moving to notice any other changes because there are not any actual changes going on. if all moments are real, you would have to be outside looking in on them to make the required motion.

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I think you are close but still wrong. past and future only exist in the mind, not in reality. the past is just data about where stuff got recorded by you and has moved on to where it is now. the future is just an educated guess as to where that stuff will move to from here. NOW alone is real, NOW alone contains mass and energy. the only way we can experience and evolving time is because stuff is in motion and we have the capacity to record and project its locations. Time is a measure of changing relationships between matter and energy that exists and is in motion. 5 years ago means that the stuff of the universe has changed relationships and one of those relationships was the rotation of our planet around our sun 5 times. if the past present and future all exists then there is NOTHING moving and no way to notice anything change unless by some entity beyond it all, like a person watching a static film that moves via an external projector. if you accept that possibility that we are part of reality and not beyond it, then you cannot explain our perception of motion without actual motion involved.

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not to mention that the original t was a marker used by a sentient beings to order his experiences and by saying r contains all experiences and so we don't need t any more is false. r does not in any way replace or make redundant the original use of t.