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I agree. Things like this also make it difficult to tell what rules are actually rules for reasons, that I would be punished for breaking, or are things that an organization would just find it convenient for people to do or thinks they should probably tell people to do but don't really care about.

I'm tired of needing to look up whether there is actually any reason not to refill a pump-soap dispenser with a different brand of dish-soap (they claim it might damage the pump mechanism, it's buried deep on their website, although I'm not sure if I believe them), or having to guess whether various innocuous items are at all likely to actually cause cancer (the answer is almost always "no" except if something is going into your body), and needing to make quick decisions about whether an email from someone official marked URGENT or EMERGENCY needs to be responded to at all, let alone in a timely manner.

There are a very unreasonable number of messages that just openly lie about whether they are important. I'm not sure what a good way to discourage this behavior would be. I don't think it's illegal to give unnecessary safety warnings, just to not give something that might be a worthwhile safety warning.