Comment by lasagnaman on Meetup in San Diego, CA, USA · 2011-07-15T23:23:29.882Z · score: 1 (1 votes) · LW · GW

Herp, I get back to the west coast the next day. I'll see you guys at the second one.

Comment by lasagnaman on Configurations and Amplitude · 2011-04-19T22:04:35.909Z · score: 4 (4 votes) · LW · GW

"The detector" is not a machine for "measuring the amplitude". In fact, we have no way of "measuring the amplitude". The only tool we have "measures the ratios of the squares of the amplitudes", and that tool is this: "run the simulation a bunch of times and compute the ratio of detections at 1 to detections at 2".

Comment by lasagnaman on Learned Blankness · 2011-04-19T19:25:16.181Z · score: 5 (5 votes) · LW · GW

sudo rm -rf /

Comment by lasagnaman on April 10 2011 Southern California Meetup · 2011-04-12T02:43:56.912Z · score: 1 (1 votes) · LW · GW

Ah, just missed this announcement. I'll definitely make it to the next one though, now that I've signed up for the list (especially if they continue to be at HMC, my alma mater).

Question: Is "joining the googlegroup" synonymous with "signing up for the mailing list"?