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...the doctrine of non-reductionism is a confusion, rather than a way that things could be, but aren't. -EY, Excluding the Supernatural

Turned me into an atheist. Damn you.

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EY: "In the other world, anyone older than you will refuse to talk about certain aspects of growing up; you'll just have to wait and find out."

Ewwwww. I want to kick everyone in that world. I'm not saying I want no surprises or that surprise does nothing for me. Just not that much. At least, compared to EY. I prefer small surprises. Surprises that fit into my goals and desires.

Vizikahn: "When I watch a movie that I really like (and have already seen dozen times), I usually create some kind of imaginary persona that haven't seen the movie before and kind of pretend that everything surprises me. It works."

When I really like a movie and enjoy watching it multiple times, it's because the primary appeal of the movie has very little to do with surprise or "finding out what happens next". In fact, even if I'm only allowed to watch a movie once, I'd rather it not depend much on surprise for its appeal. As artistic qualities go, surprise is rather low on my scale.

When I first heard the term "spoiler" I was utterly confused. Finding out the ending of a movie/story spoils it? Well, I guess it does if it's a lame story.

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