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So what you're saying is, "Neutrality is a position"?

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""Because giftedness is not to be talked about, no one tells high-IQ children explicitly, forcefully and repeatedly that their intellectual talent is a gift. That they are not superior human beings, but lucky ones. That the gift brings with it obligations to be worthy of it."

Oh, no, not that old canard. Took me many years to get that off my psyche.

Translate to, say, physical beauty.

...that the gift brings with it obligations to be worthy of it.

Right. So every beautiful person should be forced, for the good of mankind, to share that beauty as much as possible, freely distributing naked pictures of themselves that all may bask in it.

Doesn't make sense. Neither does pressuring smart, sorry, 'gifted', people to 'share' their intelligence out of some sort of misguided sense of obligation.