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Thank you for the clarification, but it doesn't bother me either way.

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3 reasons:

  1. I'm the dumb kid on the block when it comes to less wrong. (If any of the census or my behavior in posting something that signals against the Less Wrong tribal stance are any indicators.)

  2. I'm not (yet) a scientist, and I couldn't find any studies on this. Take into account that less wrong is "heavier" in scientists than usual for an online community, and I hoped that it would be something someone would either know about or find interesting.

  3. This is the discussion forum, and I was hoping that there might be just that, discussion.

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If that's what it takes, I just wanted people to look this over and say what they thought, otherwise I wouldn't have posted to Discussion.

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That might be due to my reference to HPMOR, and it's tribal signaling. In hindsight that may have been a poor decision.

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Fixed, thank you.

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Ok, I'm sorry if this post looks like it's speaking for CDT being correct. As listed in the header this is written based on Gwerley's post, and was intended to simplify the idea. (and add context to better imagine it)

I felt the idea sounded like it would be something to look into, as at least the first two levels seem like they are (more or less) correct. (I still wouldn't think this would be a terribly useful theory if applied to humans only, as the orders of mind seem like they're more evolutionary (notes 3 and 4) than developmental.)

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I appreciate the encouragement (Karma), but what I need is further material. I don't have the material to make this into something (very) useful, and don't know where else to look. (Other than tearing apart the local libraries psychology sections which has thus far yielded Freud, Freud, Developmental Psychology, and more Freud.)

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...If I actually wanted to start a cult I wouldn't post it. I was thinking something of starting something akin to the secular solstice. (Though I doubt most people could tell a cult from a group like this.)

Also Rule #74: When I create a multimedia presentation of my plan designed so that my five-year-old advisor can easily understand the details, I will not label the disk "Project Overlord" and leave it lying on top of my desk.

(We are on the Evil Overlord checklist right? I never finished copying it down.)

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How very human of you.

...Why not Zoidberg?

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Is this idea actualy do-able, if so it sounds like it would be fun. The obvious questions (to me) are:

How do you screen for membership, and can we do this in real life without the government(s) screwing it over?

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Alright reviewed the rules, and i'm running a pilot session in 2 weeks. I'll reply again if I deicde to run a full campaign. (Also found compatibility rules for Dark Herasy - 1D4chan if memory serves.)

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When reason fails, boobs have a chance.

...Ok, Obviously enough that's an affective plan, (even if it is dark arts-ish) but are you posting this as news or a recruitment attempt?

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I actually have an idea on that. I'm currently running a NWoD campaign with multiple GM's. If we could get two or three like minded people to GM it would have not only a lot more "up-time" we could do world building on a massive scale. (Each GM runs a diffrent region.)

There are drawbacks, (slight inconsistencies between GM's, for example) but I think that would be outweighed by the benefits.

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Hey, Mind's Eye here. Sorry, but I’m going to keep my meat space name for meat space. I'm an aspiring writer/game designer, with a secondary focus on cognitive/evolutionary psychology. I currently do government work, and am waiting on the contract to expire. I intend to make games that raise the sanity waterline, through low rate increase in “rational” difficulty with real world-esc consequences for your choices, as the good choice doesn’t always-or often-lead to more rewards for the one doing them.

As for what I value… I think Eleizer said it better than I could. “I want to make a world where no one has to say goodbye anymore.” (–HPMOR if memory serves) While I do enjoy “fun” things I get bored with them quickly, as I learn the games “lessons” (rule-sets) before I’m supposed to. (Basically anything extremely challenging-within my maximum skill range- is amusing as I don’t learn the “lessons” before I get a chance to enjoy the game/story/challenge. Such as Dwarf Fortress or tabletop games-DnD/WoD/etc.)

My friend actually referred me to this site. I was going through the usual things-find a religion; fail to be convinced by their best arguments, repeat. At first I just read HPMOR, and browsed the site to kill time. As I got better at applying some portions of the sequences it got to the point where I either could or couldn’t do things with very little middle ground, mostly through filling in the gaps between my skillsets. In the end I ended up either really good, or really bad at what I do. (As you can imagine this reduced my “fun space” quite a bit.)

From here, well I’m mostly waiting until I can work on the things that interest me.

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Applause lights, really? :(

While I do agree, you need to be careful with super happy thingies. (They often aren't.)

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You could always tell them to think inside the chimney. If you're lucky they'll be so confused they'll look at the territory to figure out what you mean, and if you’re really lucky they'll end up thinking downstairs in the attic and never bother you again.