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Related to treating newly delivered packages as contagious:

Something I've been more worried about than packages are products bought in the store (who knows how long ago that bag of spinach was coughed on?)

If you're doing proper self-quarantining, this won't be something you encounter very often, but it'll still be something to address.

I've been keeping a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol outside of my apartment. Anything I bring inside gets sprayed down before coming in.

Thankfully, most foods come in packaging, so a quick spray down doesn't affect most groceries. Plus, they're easy to rinse off when you get in. It's a bit of a pain spraying each individual item you buy before bringing it inside, but it doesn't actually total more than a few minutes.

It's also good to have the rubbing alcohol outside so that you can spray your hands down before entering your home and touching surfaces. Ideally, anything that comes inside gets at least a mist of rubbing alcohol; this includes my jacket, a quick spray on my jeans and my shirt.