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I'm conflicted.
Upvoted because I strongly agree, downvoted because it would've been fine as a comment and appears to me as too much drama as a post (in its current form). You do seem to  acknowledge that in the end? Perhaps I would've appreciated it more if you focused on this:

The word epistemic is not just a verbal tic you can throw in front of anything to indicate approval of your internet cult. It means something.

as a refresher of sorts, used Yudkowsky comment as an example and kept it shorter.

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There is Boxing/MMA or even Softair, depending in the Social Outlet required. What's the added benfit that trumps an (from my perspective negative) increased normalisation of real world violence?

Comment by mrfox on Malthusian Competition (not as bad as it seems) · 2023-05-25T16:40:36.783Z · LW · GW

The example must violate some assumptions behind the theory, but I'm not sure what.

Possibly because there is a harder limit on humans than on AI? Humans don't replicate very well. 

On a second thought, I don't think comparative holds if demand is exhausted. Comparative Advantage(at least the Ricardo version i know of) only focuses on the maximum amount of goods, not if they're actually needed. If there was more demand for paperclips/staples than there is Production by AI(s), Humans would focus on staples and AI (more) on paperclips. 

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Wasnt logged in at first, mrfox and Mads Fuchs are both me, feel free to delete the second one.

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Concerning the Sequences:

I believe the main thing they lack is structure. They address lots of topics from lots of angles and I don't see the "map", I often fail to see them in context. Introducing a tree structure[1] would not only help to orient yourself while reading, but could also make maintaining easier. A (non restricting) progression system with prerequesits could also be implemented for better guidance. However, I am very aware of the time cost and very unsure of the efficiency. 

  1. ^

    eg. epistemic/operative could be the first layer categories.