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Instead of cringing you can think "wow, I made a lot of progress since". It did the trick for me, but well, YMMV.

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"No one" literally means exactly that.

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Same happened last year.

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Very straight forward and easy to use. However, I was only promised 4400 (400 for email, 4000 for fb integration, of which 500 now, 3500 later). Aside from that, the send STR and receive them back for free offer was only for 100 STR instead of 1000 STR.

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"This person believes he could make one statement about an issue as difficult as the origin of cellular life per Planck interval, every Planck interval from the Big Bang to the present day, and not be wrong even once" only brings us to 1/10^61 or so."

Wouldn't that be 1/ 2^(10^61) or am I missing something?

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Selfishness seems to be referred to as primarily a a mindset or attitude. Helping others as an outcome. I think they can co-exist at the same time, for example Adam Smith's invisible hand in capitalism.

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Those who advocate that the world is going to hell, do they point to a certain era as the most rational time, and what would have caused the downturn?

EDIT: Mainly asking this question in order to find out how they measure rationality, as right now I find the point of view rather surprising.

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Flynn effect, economic prosperity, increase in rate of innovation, and better educational systems and other tools are around nowadays.

I cannot provide you a video tape, but this seems to be at least some evidence for that statement in my opinion.

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