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Comment by pabloernesto on How to tell apart science from pseudo-science in a field you don't know ? · 2019-03-02T02:25:11.735Z · LW · GW

Could you add a brief summary of his ideas to your comment? Something like the "baloney detector" mentioned on this review of the book.

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You can express an insight succinctly, or you can be long-winded. A long comment has space for more insight, but that space is often wasted. Stunk and White's The Elements of Style makes that point for prose, and Edward Tufte's The Visual Representation of Quantitative Information makes it for plots. Every element of a piece should do work.

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Samo Burja's Empire Theory is relevant here: there is a fierce competition for resources in any domain, and a large proportion of an empire's capabilities is necessarily spent maintaining central infighting - necessarily because coordination between players is _bloody expensive_. The efficient market hypothesis is a convenient coordination mechanism; it reduces mobility between power classes making longer term strategies - and empires - more viable.

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There is a good argument that this is intentional. (See