MOOCS That teach this stuff? 2020-09-05T05:36:38.289Z


Comment by Periergo on Covid 9/10: Vitamin D · 2020-09-13T21:26:54.070Z · LW · GW

which literature do you recommend?

Comment by Periergo on The universality of computation and mind design space · 2020-09-13T21:19:35.785Z · LW · GW

The "Less Wrong position"? Are we all supposed to have 1 position here? Or did you mean to ask what EY's position is?

I don't think I understand your statement/question (?) - In order to know what an AI would do, you just need to simulate it with an AI?

I think you're saying that you could simulate what an AGI would do via any computer. If you're simulating an AGI, are you not building an AGI?

Comment by Periergo on Li and Vitanyi's bad scholarship · 2020-09-07T01:14:54.104Z · LW · GW

So how does a poor summary of Hume = a refutation Solomonoff's induction?

Could I say something like, Alanf wants us to think he refuted a book but he can't even spell the author's name right...

Ok, but what does this have to do with the capital of Italy?

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I am new to this stuff but did we not have like 200 years of observations about Newton's theories? How would have a Bayesian adjusted their models here? I use this example as a "we now know better" - Is it the "new" observation that is key?

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Where can I learn more about Critical Rationalism?

(Not from curi and his group as I am not welcomed there and tbh after seeing this wall of shame: I am glad I never posted any personal information)

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Try searching "parsimony" maybe? Another way to express Occam.

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I just discovered he keeps a wall of shame for people who left his forum:

Are you in this wall?

I am uncomfortable with this practice. I think I am banned from participating in curi's forum now anyway due to my comments here so it doesn't affect me personally but it is a little strange to have this list with people's personal information up.

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She's just not a philosopher.

Don't get me wrong, I agree with a ton of her observations. As much as I agree with a ton of Buddhism. It is just not Philosophy.

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Comment by Periergo on Rationally Ending Discussions · 2020-08-25T04:09:03.326Z · LW · GW

The duplicates you got banned for here no? It seems self evident, but I don't hold anything against you for that.

fallibledupicates or w/e.

Comment by Periergo on Rationally Ending Discussions · 2020-08-24T23:28:36.191Z · LW · GW

I think he seems to struggle with unwritten knowledge/rules. (likely on the spectrum?)

So I think his methodology is a way for him to keep track of things in a way that makes sense to him.

I am convinced he is doing it in good faith and genuinely wants to learn and discuss these things in a very serious manner. I think this is what Wittgenstein had in mind when he said if a Lion could speak we could not understand him.

I think curi has an interesting brain. He seems extremely quick with one side of his brain and can read vasts amounts of information very quickly as long as it is all "rational." When it comes to the more social aspect of things, he seems confused. This does not mean he is wrong. He may have come up with something here but because he has built this infrastructure with his brain in mind. He might have a hard time building a bridge with others.

What may appear straightforward to most people, is likely overwhelming for him. So he is building a system to make it not overwhelming. It may just work too! Ofc the downside is that what appears straight forward to him probably flies past others as well. There appears to be a ton of background knowledge that is doing all the heavy lifting. He seems to be burrowing from computation, physics, and philosophy. Reading through his blog has been fascinating and frustrating.

tldr: I think he is attempting to reason in good faith, despite past misbehaviors with sock puppets etc... but has trouble communicating with others in a fruitful manner. I have no solutions, just an observations.

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Damn. Just realized I was looking to follow someone as a disciple, without thinking in those terms.

Oh brother...I am a sheep after all. What a mess. I do want to learn from curi though, but I hate the idea of being someone's disciple.

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I wish we could reason our way into being focused. This was a great post btw don't get me wrong, but we seem to still resort to the proverbial putting the cookie jar at the very top so it is hard to reach.

Comment by Periergo on The Law of Least Effort Contributes to the Conjunction Fallacy · 2020-08-11T04:36:40.084Z · LW · GW

I see now that I completely misunderstood you and was careless and did not think my response carefully. I apologize, this was lazy of me and I should do better.

Comment by Periergo on The Law of Least Effort Contributes to the Conjunction Fallacy · 2020-08-10T18:55:36.947Z · LW · GW

I think this one might be reaching a bit. This version of energy conservation by "pick up artists" seems more off track than something in behavioral economics might present.