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Is a great idea, I can hardly find anything but meetups in main, so I almost never check now.

Comment by raziel123 on AI Fiction - Crystal Society · 2016-01-27T06:15:37.542Z · LW · GW

I am curious too of why the donwvote, I am guessing that it is more of an open thread type of post.

Comment by raziel123 on [Link] Huffington Post article about dual process theory · 2016-01-06T03:19:44.335Z · LW · GW

I would be great if you actually link the publication.

Comment by raziel123 on has anyone actually gotten smarter, in the past few years, by studying rationality? · 2015-12-29T20:39:28.744Z · LW · GW

The most important benefit from less wrong ist that before lw I hat a very fixed mindset of things I know and I don't, like if it were properties of the things in itself, and when I wanted to improve at something I just do it in a very vague directionless way.

A more concrete example is that I always liked modding video games but in modding is very limited what you can do comparing to coding, so at least once a year I make a half hearted attempt to learn get better at modding, which result in nothing because the next step always was to learn to code (which was in the "I can´t" bin ). After reading posts here of people doing awesome stuff , internalize that the map is not the territory and so, I realized that I could likely learn to code , an then the "I can't" bin broke. Exactly two years later know I'm fairly good with python , java and some of haskell just for the fun. I'm currently close to releasing an android game.

A life changing benefit I gain was to "cure" my social anxiety, it was mostly thanks to a post make here linking to Mark Manson, but it totally changed the way I interact with people from being all fear and uneasiness to flow and actually enjoying being around people (especially women).

Other less direct benefits are clearing a lot of philosophical confusion, save me from a couple of death spirals, I have the memorization problem mostly solved with spaced repetition, I change my mind more often, strategic thinking, meta-thinking and more stuff that's getting more abstract and I don't think is in the spirit of the question.

To answer the question, I DO think that my past self was dumber than me now, so in a way I'm gotten smarter.

Comment by raziel123 on Open Thread, Dec. 28 - Jan. 3, 2016 · 2015-12-28T16:07:02.696Z · LW · GW

I'm 24 and I currently learning to play the piano without a tutor since last year, I play for my amusement and also because i like to learn things on my own, I surely have bad finger positioning and so, but If your goal is less about being the best piano player and more about having fun / flow, I think is totally realistic. But I you hire a tutor it will speed things up.

Comment by raziel123 on "The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is Dosage" Shirts and Bags · 2015-12-28T14:53:44.258Z · LW · GW

Maybe you should crowdsource less and hire a professional designer with a clear aesthetic and judge just his final product has a whole, the T-shirt look like a collection of suggestions without coherence, I mean, 6 sentences, 3 fonts, 2 colors of letters and 2 different images all in the same space.

I am tempted to make an analogy between democracy and private government but I hope you get the point.

btw I find your capacity to update and the way you take criticism quite impressive (sometimes to the point of being cringeworthy).

Comment by raziel123 on Rationalist Magic: Initiation into the Cult of Rationatron · 2015-12-09T05:37:11.525Z · LW · GW

Sorry my bad english, non native speaker here.

All this can enter the framework of chaos Magick, but I very much dislike the aesthetics of what you propose.

In my "Magickal practice"(like 1 or 2 times a month) I do mindfulness and some Sigil contemplation and Godforms.

With mindfulness I make a very specific practice designed deal with uneasy emotions, it's got 3 parts,

First: the idea is to focus on the body sensations until you identify a bundle of then and you then name it (i.e anger), focus on the named emotion without any effort in increase it not lessen it, after you can feel the emotion better give it a color that suits it and displace the emotion half a meter away from you with your arms (like moving a ghost), the turn 90° and repeat with another emotion.

Second: once you go full circle return the first emotion to you (catch it with your arms) and feel it inside you, and keep feeling it until you notice some change in the sensation, It doesn't have to feel nice just different, then put it away and repeat with each emotion.

Finaly: make the 4 emotions around you move upwards and combine them in one big orb, and imagine how it goes through a filter that purify it, slowy dropping dropplets of the now golden/white energy to your head. when it feels like there is no more emotions above you finish with a basic banish (2-3 minutos of breathing do the trick).

It's kinda late, if anyone is interested in know more, say so and I will most likely reply

P.S. I do not believe magic is real

Comment by raziel123 on Mark Manson and Rationality · 2015-11-25T21:38:40.578Z · LW · GW

I have to say that it was one of most influential book in my life, along side with the motivation hacker, Demian, from AI to Zombies (to a lesser extend) and a couple more I can't recall now.

Comment by raziel123 on Goal setting journal (November) · 2015-11-22T22:26:39.052Z · LW · GW

I had not thought of that, I will do some calculations, correct from outside view and such, and report back to later know how off the mark I was.

Comment by raziel123 on Goal setting journal (November) · 2015-11-20T17:47:47.569Z · LW · GW

to make the Android game I'm developing ready for launch in google play (only in regard of product development), before the end of this year.

Comment by raziel123 on Two Growth Curves · 2015-10-03T02:26:14.650Z · LW · GW

That's actually a really good question, I'm looking forward to that answer too.

Comment by raziel123 on Help me test out my Bayes Academy game · 2015-09-23T05:06:07.213Z · LW · GW

Ok, I wanted to play it, but the word are too big and/or the textbox is too small. graphics don't run well, and it really needs an exit button. I'm using windows 8. other than that, I think the idea is great.

Comment by raziel123 on The Library of Scott Alexandria · 2015-09-14T03:38:33.745Z · LW · GW

that's amazing!, Great compilation. So many posts I didn´t know even existed.

Comment by raziel123 on Peer-to-peer "knowledge exchanges" · 2015-08-08T17:38:15.364Z · LW · GW

I have seen that before, I think was a lw rationalist project but I'm not sure. From what I remember the web page was pretty dull, so maybe that make it fail(or prevent it to grow).

P.S. I will post a link If I can find the site.

Comment by raziel123 on Which LW / rationalist blog posts aren't covered by my books & courses? · 2015-08-05T15:20:56.289Z · LW · GW

to be fair, iawain1 never mention the academic books list.

Comment by raziel123 on August 2015 Media Thread · 2015-08-01T16:04:54.101Z · LW · GW

I have to recommend Phyl-Undhu from Nick Land (yes the guy from XenoSystems), yes is a little short, but if you like (or think you would like) Lovecraft then you should read it. I thought it was wonderfully written, and it get the cosmic horror/lovecraftian atmosphere very well.

Comment by raziel123 on State-Space of Background Assumptions · 2015-07-30T06:53:10.396Z · LW · GW

Also done. The results may be interesting.

Comment by raziel123 on Crazy Ideas Thread · 2015-07-09T01:33:07.320Z · LW · GW

This looks like Tipler's Omega point. Except that it's singular in the universe and for not clear reasons, it will resurrect us all in a simulated heaven.

Comment by raziel123 on Lesswrong, Effective Altruism Forum and Slate Star Codex: Harm Reduction · 2015-06-09T17:54:10.213Z · LW · GW

but in that case the people will be even more diluted, why create another gravity center?, that´s the issue we are trying to solve, I'm mostly convinced that t would be better if the aggregator have no comments.

Edit: I guess the aggregator have more traffic than I thought, I'm just worried if there is only a one way flow from less wrong all the other sites..

Comment by raziel123 on Lesswrong, Effective Altruism Forum and Slate Star Codex: Harm Reduction · 2015-06-09T03:12:34.923Z · LW · GW

I would be surprised if that subreddit get traction. I was thinking something more like Reaction Times(damn Scot and his FAQ), and having it in a visible place in all of the Rationality related sites. a coordinanted effort.

Well, the idea was not to comment in the agregator, that way it will be like a highway, it should take you to others sites with 2 clicks (3 max) . if that is not possible I'm not sure there will be any impact, besides making another gravity center.

Comment by raziel123 on Lesswrong, Effective Altruism Forum and Slate Star Codex: Harm Reduction · 2015-06-08T19:26:44.597Z · LW · GW

mm.., I think and agregator from less wrong, SSC , EA forum and OB posts, would be great,only if all of the formers have an easy (visible) link to it. It could allow more traffic to flow between those gravity centers. it may be better than crossposting.

Comment by raziel123 on Bragging Thread May 2015 · 2015-05-10T15:36:07.613Z · LW · GW
  • I make a Naive Bayes classifier for a AI in a RTS game I was making.

  • I realized the game I was making was overly ambitious and it will be weak for its category, so I halted it a month ago, and now I'm half way into another game small enough, so it can be in the top of its category.

  • After reading models from mark Manzon a month ago (I found it in a post here in lw), I got 2 girlfriends (I'm still with the second), with zero social Anxiety and for a bonus, I can make friends more easily.

Comment by raziel123 on Friendly-AI is an abomination · 2015-04-12T21:30:02.646Z · LW · GW

If the AGi is a human mind upload, it is in no way a FAI, and I don't think it is what MIRI is aiming.

In case a neuromorphic AI is created, diferent arrays of neurons can give weidly diferent minds, We should not reason about a hipotetical AI using a human minds has a model and make predictions about it, even if that mind is based on biological minds.

What if the first neuron based AI has a mind more similar than a ant than a human, in that case anger, jealousy, freedom, etc are not longer part of the mind, or the mind could have totally new emotions, or things that are not emotions that we known not.

A mind that we don't understand enought, should not be said to be friendly and set free to the world, and I don't think that is being said here.

Comment by raziel123 on Friendly-AI is an abomination · 2015-04-12T20:53:33.942Z · LW · GW

You are asuming that a AGI has a mind that value X, and by making it friendly with are imposing our value Y. why create a FAI with a supressed value X in the first place?

check this out :

Comment by raziel123 on How has lesswrong changed your life? · 2015-04-03T19:30:32.643Z · LW · GW

I'm working with the java languague right now, but it's true I'm considered using scala after I finished my current project.

Comment by raziel123 on How has lesswrong changed your life? · 2015-04-02T21:29:55.778Z · LW · GW

I did not go very far in haskell, I was in a exploratory phase, the lack of libraries for haskell, make go to java, having being my only experienced with progaming the creation of map and mods with WarCraft 3 graphical Interface I took online courses and books on Python becouse was easy, and then Hakell just because is from another paradigm and it helped me understand more deeply recursion, types and many basic stuff than was hidden in Python( being a high level language).

I finally settle in Java because for its support, libraries and compatibility with Android, I'm not triying to "know it all" of computer science or programing not for lack of curiosity but for opportunity cost, I'm learning what I need to learn, and dedicate a fraction of my focus to learn seemingly unrelated thing to take care of the unknown unknowns.

Comment by raziel123 on How has lesswrong changed your life? · 2015-04-01T06:56:08.673Z · LW · GW

Hi everybody, first post , long time lurker. For the first few months after I discovered less wrong via HPMOR it was no more than a shiny distraction, until I read The Motivation Hacker by Nick Winter which was mention in some post here, after I read it, it was clear for the first time that I could gain knowledge and skills in any(not really any) area I want, and things that I just wished to know before where became posibility.

More concrete since then I begin learning programing(Python, haskell, and currently java) by myself, and now i am a few mounths of launcing my first app for android and iOS, a skill I always wanted but take no action to adquire for no more reason that the choice was not even in my mind, learn German (currently medium level), planing to become a effective altruism after I get a more stable income, and taking various online courses of economic, neurobiology and programing, and finally thinking in terms of consequences of my actions instead of if it is my responsability or not. Doing almost all of it with the help of pomodoros, beeminder and, spaced retetition.

I think it was the combination of the Zeitgeist of less wrong and with a vivid example of someone taking action from reading The Motivation Hacker that help me develop a growth mindset.

P.S: sorry for the english, it's my second lenguague.