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Unknown@5:05am is incorrect.

Individuals who 'privilege' non-torture to torture are neo-colonialists of the mind. They want to invade and instill objective morality of non-torture on subcultures. Torture is a relative morality, as such, when a subculture like an intelligence agency tortures a terrorist, then it is allowed and it is moral. Any moral 'critique' of the torture is tantamount to a universal moralist rule: Torture is universally bad.

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'The Way' 'privileges' itself above the 'non-path'. Our sense of a 'way' is derived from not doing anything at all. 'The Way' is a form of eastern ideological colonialism; a hegemonic ideology that occupies the native moralities of our mind.

You also 'privilege' something that is filled to that of a 'void'. The 'void' is only derived from the 'whole' and the 'tangible' that is around it. Do we make donuts without holes -- without 'voids'? No. 'Voids' and wholes are part of the same, in some cases, the 'void' is needed to complete the whole, so the 'void' is more important than the thing filled. The only reason that privileged hegemons think 'voids' are bad is because the 'void' is female. To be filled is typical male dominant thinking. The filling of a void is tantamount to ideological, spiritual, and moral rape.