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This one on YT: Hamming, "You and Your Research" (June 6, 1995) - YouTube

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From what I understand, such predicates seem to be causing trouble. For example, the result that no set contains everything seems like too strong a result at this point.

From the book: "To specify a set, it is not enough to pronounce some magic words; it is also necessary to have at hand a set to whose elements the magic words apply". Magic words basically mean the predicates S(x).

The book says such x's don't constitute a set and calls them illegal. It also mentions that class is the word to describe such x's and that classes are irrelevant in its approach to set theory. 

Perhaps when I read further I'd be able to reason better.

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Will this book be available to purchase in India when it's out on Amazon? Will I be required to order on the international site? ( Thank you :)