Comment by sk2 on Competent Elites · 2008-09-27T21:59:04.000Z · LW · GW

It would be interesting to see some intelligence metrics of:

  1. CEOs of big companies
  2. CEOs of startups
  3. College Professors
  4. Computer Programmers
  5. Doctors
  6. Chemical Engineers

And decide if the CEOs you are talking about are more intelligent (IQ measure) than all the other groups mentioned above. If the mean IQ of CEOs is not more than the mean IQ of say Doctors, then yes, it is legitimate for people to feel that the CEOs don't deserve to be where they are and feel a bit bitter about it. I don't think a story depicting say a neurosurgeon being happy, healthy, lively, tall (who cares?) and rich is unpalatable to the 'masses'. What bugs people is to know that some guy whose competence is not apparent, who is a CEO, has a private jet.

I don't understand why it's something you should 'fix'.