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Author of Learning Deep Learning here.

How to solve a practical problems requires much more well-rounded skills that mastering one machine learning algorithm or another (in fact, some problems don't require ML at all).

For a more general introduction to data science, see So yes: discussing things with clients, getting data, cleaning data, realising it is not enough, so asking client if they have more/different data, exploring it, seeing that some of it is rubbish, semi-manually cleaning it, creating a model, seeing it's ok, discovering that it fitted to some artefact, ... (and dozens, dozens of steps).

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This link does not work for me (it redirects to my event list). I am not sure if it is because of privacy settings or anything else? In any case: what is its full name as it appears on FB?

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I am interested, but not sure if I will be available on that date (40%?). Do you want to create a FB event? From my experience as an organizer of various stuff it works for seeing who is interested; of course it will attract more newbies and casual readers (I am in this category: up to date, my most serious interaction with LW is this post: