Comment by Synapse on Outreach to probably compatible groups? · 2011-06-13T00:45:40.855Z · LW · GW

This is likely not the best place to introduce my personal project, but it should have some bearing on the topic at hand.

I am in the process of building a website at which is specifically devoted to the discussion, cataloging and eventual reduction of existential risk. I would expect there to be other sites, like mine, which focus more narrowly on the focus of a particular topic which sits well with rationalists.

This means that I'm suggesting you look not just outward at groups which border "rationalism" on a hypothetical map of different "isms" but also inward at groups which are partly or wholely covered by your philosophy.

Since this is my first post, a bit of backgrounding on my site: I know that species existential risk is a frequent topic on LessWrong, although it seems LW is more widely pointed at rationalism as a whole. My intent is to be more pragmatic and scientific (ruthlessly so) on this single topic of making the human species as likely to survive as possible.

I believe my structured wiki (sample pages being researched and written right now) to list out potential threats to survival is of particular benefit. I'm happy to reach out to the LessWrong community and invite continuing cross-pollenation between the sites.

I think it would be useful to have a compatable template for interacting with related communities such as my, so that they can be listed and described and discussed freely and equally.