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I think you'd get a lot of value out of using incremental reading, it improves the learning to memorisation workflow tremendously. Currently SuperMemo is the best at IR. (Post I wrote about this:

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The truth will triumph - when? They never achieve anything. A cheap hope, better than despair? I disagree. Hope can induce passivity as easily as despair, two ways of changing your perception of the situation without changing the situation.

Thanks, I agree. I do not want to encourage passivity. Leaving it as purely dystopian, which it is, would likely have been better for that purpose. Thank you. I wonder if it's too late to edit out the final bit?


As for concrete steps, talking about the thing is one of the steps, so that people can stop rationalising it and see it as wrong, to change from 'Eh, school's not perfectly but it's mostly fine' to 'school is really actually quite terrible'. Unfortunately I don't have an entire action plan, but user rajlego and I are first working towards that, currently mostly based on memetics and creating a website we can point people to to thoroughly outline all the reasons school sucks in a cohesive and persuasive enough that the average parent can be linked to it and have their mind changed by the time they leave. Advice is appreciated.

Luckily in countries like the UK homeschooling is legal at the moment. So any parent convinced can make the local change, hopefully contributing to a tipping of the scales. Maybe. Theoretically. This text is also useful on views for how long compulsory schooling is going to last: School slavery will end soon -

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At age 5 I am told that every single morning as we drove to school I said to my mother that it was a waste of time. Shockingly, she listened, and after a year of this she had found out about home education and made arrangements for me to be released.

That's amazing, what a victory. I'm really glad that happened, freedom is great.

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If you're exhausted at the point when your alarm rings, then forcing yourself to wake up at the alarm clock can be pretty terrible for your health since you obviously need more sleep. Unfortunately alarm clocks are a necessity for a large amount of the population, but it is possible to pull back your sleep phase with things like morning sunlight and exercise so that you get closer to waking up at the time you need to naturally. I'm working on pulling back my sleep phase now.

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Thank you for the recommendations! +1 on Replacing Guilt. It is shockingly powerful. As for Atomic Habits, I've heard some very strong insistence that Tiny Habits is superior with less fluff.

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After I shower, it’s 11:40pm and my hair has to try afterward


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Ditto on Autohotkey. It's amazingly easy to learn and very useful. (eg. for making Yoda Timer windows anywhere with even the most basic of programming experience). I've taught it to quite a few people and would be happy to teach anyone if they want to schedule a call:

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Ditto, this post in particular is very well explained.